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The Golden Ticket

Updated: May 19, 2021

Every Valentines day for the last three years, my girlfriend and I have started this tradition of giving each other one sexual golden ticket each. You can request or ask for anything and the other will go along with it. Well, almost anything. We both agreed anything that’s usually flushed is off the table. I still feel pretty solid about that decision.

Anyways, the first year we both played it pretty safe. I asked for a lap dance from her, she asked to role-play an alien/astronaut space sex scene. The lap dance was gold, I made a piss poor astronaut (I actually tried to moon walk into the room. And no– not the dance move) but it made for a lot of fun and we both really enjoyed ourselves. And so our Valentines-day-sex-request tradition was born!

Last year she amped it up by suggesting going to a sex club in Las Vegas. The Green Door. We both agreed we wouldn’t participate with anyone else. We were adventurous but total rookies and the thrill was watching and being watched anyhow. It was interesting. The dude-to-female ratio was slightly off for my taste, but we rolled with it. I’d probably try it again, but I would never waste one of my own requests on it. I had played it safe again and asked for road head. 10/10 in case you were wondering.

This year though, I’m not going to play it safe and I told her such. She laughed at me. She knows me pretty well for sure, but I was determined to show her I’m not always the ‘dip my toe in the water’ guy. I can cannonball and make a big splash just as well as the next guy! Maybe even better. So I thought and I thought. Came up with a few ideas. Some were better than others, but none that really grabbed me, y’know? Then it came to me! There was one thing I’d always wanted to try but been to embarrassed to ask. And now was my time to shine.

“I want a rim job.”

I watched as her eyes bulged and she lowered her cup of coffee trying to swallow the mouthful in her mouth. Oh that would’ve been a good one. Next year.

“What?!” She blurted out.

“This year for Valentines Day. I want a rim job.” I smiled at her, puffing my chest out a bit as I brought my own coffee cup to my lips.

“And this is you being risky, huh?” She laughed at me. “Alright, hot stuff. You got it.”

I stopped myself from giggling because…. Well, not sexy. But the urge was strong and I took another sip of the still too hot coffee as I turned my back to her to hide my eyes watering from the burn.

“On one condition….”

I turned around to see her smirking at me, resting her elbow on her knee pulled up onto the kitchen chair. God she was sexy.

“You have to get waxed. Down there.” She wiggled her finger towards my ass and I felt my sphincter pucker.


“You heard me. You know you’re my big sexy Italian stallion, but you are one very hairy man.”

She stood, setting her mug down on the table as she sauntered towards me in my boxers and an oversized t-shirt. She smiled up at me, biting her bottom lip playfully then smacking me on the ass as she strolled into the kitchen. “Get waxed and I’ll give you the best rim job of your life.”

I gulped. I felt the urge to giggle again but also cry. I pictured the hot molten lava like wax being poured down my taint as some woman lifted my sack to place a cloth strip on top of the liquid. I’d be laying on my back legs in the air as I held the backs of my knees in what is likely the least masculine position I can imagine. Staring at the dots in the drop ceiling as she counted “One…. twoooooo….. three!” RIP! Was I really about to consider going and having some lady wax my underbits so my girlfriend could lick my butt?

Turns out the answer is yes, and it didn’t even take me that long to consider honestly. Four days left until Valentines day, I was able to get in there that afternoon. And before you ask– yes. It is basically exactly how I envisioned. I didn’t anticipate her having to do more than one strip though.

Once I was able to stop my unusually high pitched scream (I believe they call that a whistle note? I was impressed. She was not.) she turned and asked if I was ready for the second strip. I almost cried. Right there, holding my knees in the air, asshole burning. I knew it was irrational but I suddenly felt a deep hatred for this sweet lady just doing her job. I imagined one of those military movies where the good guy gets captured and his torturers are trying to get him to crack. I felt the adrenaline start pumping in my veins as I lifted my head to look my captor in the eyes. No way was she gonna break me. I looked down at her name tag– Do. Your. Worst. Tiffany.

RIP! With my butthole bald and smooth I was able to enjoy my Valentines Day present. I'd rate it a 6/10. Not for lack of her skill or energy, mind you. She was a rockstar. Just wasn't my thing. And I won't go into too much detail as to what her Valentine's request had been, but lets just say... 0/10. Even with that, however, Valentines Day continues to be my new favorite holiday and I've already begun research for next years golden ticket! ❤️

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