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The hit came hard and fast throwing my head to the right. A loud crack as fist hit bone and then the shrill high pitched laughter of the woman who'd just struck me.

"What the fuck!" I cried, blood dribbling from my mouth as I whipped back, wide eyed and dazed.

"Quite a potty mouth, sir. That isn't very polite. Especially in front of a lady!" She leaned back, her red lips pulling into a smile as she swept her hand across her chest.

"What– who are you? What is this?"

"Who I am isn't that important really. And what this is," she paused, cocking her head to the side. "Well, actually I guess that isn't very important either." The sound of her heels echoed in the small room as she paced slowly.

A large squawk drew my attention to the corner of the room where a large gray parrot sat perched on a metal stand. Spreading it's wings and opening it's beak to let out another high pitched cry.

"Shhh shhh," the woman cooed as she strode to her pet, pursing her lips and planting a kiss on it's jet black beak.

"Please- please let me go! I think there's been a mistake. I'm nobody!" I screamed.

Gently stroking the parrot the woman turned and looked at me over her shoulder. "Oh that's a bit harsh don't you think? Everybody is SOMEBODY. Don't sell yourself so short."

"Money! I-I've got money! Not much, but a little in savings. It's yours!"

She stopped petting the bird and faced me fully, her perfect eyebrows furrowed as she raised her hands. "Sir, do I look like I need money?"

"I, uh, I–" I looked her up and down. She was striking. Her auburn hair pulled back, golden hoop earrings, a sleek black and white dress that clung to her shapely body and black stilettos. Makeup perfect, nails manicured, and I even detected perfume. Aside from her bloody knuckles, she looked and smelled expensive.

"N-n-no. You don't. I- I don't understand. What do you want from me?" My jaw ached and I could hear my heart beating in my ears.I leaned forward in my chair, the restraints binding my hands behind me, cut into my wrists as I pleaded up at her.

She crossed her arms over her body and smiled, her eyes sparkling with amusement before she slowly walked closer to me. Her heels clicking with her slow methodical steps. She leaned down and cocked her head to the side again, our noses nearly touching. I could smell her perfume clearly now, and something else. Minty? Her jaw began to move and I realized she was chewing gum as she stood staring at me. Her brown eyes looking from my left eye then to my right.

"Ask me again."

I stared back at her, confused. "W-what?"

"Ask. Me. Again."

"What-what do you want from me?"

She smiled and leaned in closer, her golden hoop earring dangling in front of my eyes as she whispered into my ear, "Everything."

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