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Let Me In

Updated: May 19, 2021

He sat quietly in the dark watching her. She was pretending to be asleep, but he knew she sensed him. Perfectly still he sat and watched her lying in her bed, listened to her rhythmic breathing. Heavier than normal, and her little heart was beating fast.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.” She opened her eyes but remained quiet. She was waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, in hopes of finding the source of the voice. He smiled. He knew she wasn’t ready for that just yet, so he remained invisible. “Who are you?” Her soft voice muffled slightly by her blanket. “I think you know that,” he said softly. “If you are who I think you are, then you’d definitely be here to hurt me,” he heard her heart beat quicken. “I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to make you an offer.” “An offer?” She wiped her nose and stared into the dark. “Yes. I’m here to offer you freedom. Freedom from feeling sad, or angry or alone. Freedom from being hurt by bad people. Would you like that kind of freedom?” She was thoughtfully quiet, he watched as she rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. This is why he’d liked her so much. For being so young, she had a sharp and inquisitive mind. She was truly special.

“Yeah, I would like that. But what do I have to do?” He smiled again and shifted his weight in the chair in the corner of the room as he thought about what to say. Finally, “You only have to let me in.” “And what happens when I let you in? Is it anything like the movies?” “No. Not quite. It’s more like I take the steering wheel and you sit in the passenger seat. You will still have a voice and thoughts and I’ll listen to you. But ultimately, I’ll be the one driving. Therefore, we go where I decide. Do you understand?” “I think so.” He waited, watching her stare at the ceiling thinking. He really did like her. People her age typically are either too frightened to talk to him or ask the most ridiculous questions. Or not enough. But not her. She was special. “Why me?” He noted she no longer had the tremble in her voice and her heart rate had gone back down to a normal beat. He was glad that she was no longer afraid. “Because you’re special. Because you’re going to do great things in this world and have a lot of influence.” She rolled over onto her side and stared at the wooden chair in the darkest corner of her room. For a moment, he wondered if she could see him. “Is that the only reason?” He took a moment to think about the question, considering just how honest he wanted to be with her. He decided with her honesty was the best way. “No.” “Then why?” “Because you have anger in you. And fear. For good reasons. I’ve seen the things you’ve been through. You didn’t deserve those things. But I think you know that don’t you?” “You’re talking about Mr. Wright aren’t you?” “Yes, I am.” He watched as her eyes began to well up as she stared at the chair unblinking. Finally she rolled over and brushed her tears away.

“Are you going to make me do bad things?” “No. I most likely won’t ever have to force you to do anything. You see, we’re going to spend a lifetime together, you and I. I’m going to show you things and teach you things you could’t dream of. And by the time you’re of age to be able to do what I have planned, I think you and I will be in sync. We’ll be one. Thinking and feeling the same way about everything. Do you understand?” She nodded, knowing he could see her in the dark. “And nobody will ever hurt me again?”

He got up and moved to her bedside staring down at her. Almost lovingly. “Oh no. That will never happen again.”

He watched as a single tear rolled down her cheek. “Okay.” He reached down, gently catching the tear with a single finger, and she gasped at the sensation. He smiled at her innocence.

“Wait,” eyes wide she looked up at the ceiling, sensing he was near her. “Am I going to Hell?” “Yes.”

Then he leaned forward and closed her eyes, instantly putting her to sleep. No need to frighten her further. Closing his own eyes he placed a hand on her head and one on her heart. Slowly he faded into nothingness as he was absorbed into her. Tomorrow would be the first day of their new partnership, and he couldn’t wait to show her what they could do.

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